Dr. Joy Winbourne

As a terrestrial biogeochemist and global change ecologist, my research is focused on understanding how plants and soils regulate the movement of carbon, nutrients, and water in terrestrial ecosystems. I am particularly interested in understanding how human activities, such as urbanization, deforestation, forest fragmentation, and climate change, alter biogeochemical cycles. My research agenda is motivated by the need for actionable ecological data and theory to inform sustainable environmental policies and evaluate their efficacy, especially in the context of global climate change. To address these research aims I have conducted studies in remote tropical forests to the densely populated cities of northeastern United States. I integrate field studies, molecular analyses, stable isotopes, remote sensing, meta-analyses, and modeling approaches to scale ecosystem processes at the individual soil core or tree to landscape scales. 

Evan Paige

 Master Student 

Robert Scott 

2022/2023 Academic Year Immersive Scholar

2023/2024 Research Assistant 

 Undergraduate Student 


We are actively recruiting PhD students to join the group. If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Earth System Sciences studying impacts of urbanization on forest ecosystem processes, please contact Dr. Winbourne by email with a copy of your CV and a description of your research interests to start a conversation. 

Lab Alumni 

Cecilia Eluszkiewicz

2022 Summer Immersive Scholar Undergraduate Student